The Cloud: The secret ingredient for growing your business!

About Us

We help you to maximize your kitchen's or food brand’s full potential and increase your revenue for no upfront cost.

For kitchens: Get cooking in weeks, not months. We make it easy to get your own kitchen or restaurant up and running, whether you’re launching one from scratch, or expanding an established brand to a new market.

For food brands: Get instant access to an entirely new pool of customers. We market your brand to hungry eaters who frequently order food online.

We’re taking virtual food brands to a whole new level:
  •  Reduced cost of capital investment 
  •  Kitchen matching platform connects brands with partnering   kitchens 
  •  Increased delivery coverage and ability to expand to new locations 
  •  Reduced timeline for onboarding across delivery platforms 
  •  Ability to expand to different target markets 
  •  Access to our highly-skilled operations team  

Our mission? Nurture an indelible, borderless and multi-culinary bond between local kitchens and global food lovers.

Let technology and our business strategy work for your business. Increase your online sales, grow your business with less investment and more upside.

Our Journey

It all started in 2019 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, when Georges Karam and Kamil Rogalinski came together to disrupt the cloud kitchen scene. Foodies and tech lovers at heart, their past business experience and observations of how restaurants and food aggregators adopted the growing cloud kitchen trend, made them realise that things could be done better, faster, and at a much larger scale.

Once established, the Cloud grew quickly and, following several very successful funding rounds, is now present in seven countries and poised to grow further. More than 300 kitchen partners in the UAE alone rely on the Cloud to connect them hungry customers across over 200 brands and 28 platforms.