How Kitchens Optimize Customer Experience with R&D

In these days – data is the new gold for everything. Huge amounts of money are paid for research centers to conduct various surveys, which would answer your main questions before a huge product launch. Most of the companies know – that you cannot create your product base just by putting themselves in customer’s shoes – everything should be based on data and what the majority of your targeted customers would like. And that is why a huge amount of information and insights should be collected to answer the questions like ‘would my potential client be happy if I’ve had a vegan option for our Spicy BBQ Chicken burger or would he feel offended?’.  
With this article we would like to bring you some insights how your restaurant can benefit from The Cloud’s collected data, starting from food concept choices and ending with global expansions. 

Knowledge of Most Popular Concepts

In The Cloud we are constantly looking for new brand and product launch possibilities with the concepts we already have in mind. For now Chef Hernando noticed that most of the booming cuisines are Asian food ones, which could start from poke bowls and end up with various curries or sushi. As an example could be taken the Sushi Central or Poke Bar brands, which as Chef Hernando says “had a drastic response” and success as soon as it was introduced into the market. Together with our professional chefs – each of the brand is infused with spices from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. This helps to create a magical and well – deserved experience for the customer. 
If you want to know more about the insights of the food industry, you can check out this testimonial video from our Executive Culinary Chef Hernando Juanito Jr Executive Culinary Chef Hernando Juanito Jr at The Cloud 

Easier Global Expansions

If you’re a restaurant looking to expand your business worldwide, virtual kitchens are the perfect way to get started! With brands and partners in various different countries, you can easily see how your brand and products will be received in different markets – with minimal to no costs. What’s more, you can do this without having to invest in physical locations. So go ahead and take the leap into the global market to see how your brand resonates with customers!

Product & Service Analysis

At The Cloud, we are proud to be pioneers in the food ecosystem and innovation space. Our mission is to make virtual food delivery operations more efficient and seamless for restaurants through our innovative system technology. In other words, we strive to connect restaurants with their customers through our advanced technology, making it a more friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. For restaurants, we provide fast and insightful solutions and customer feedback, which helps to make the most of their food and it’s preparation. Our trending product analysis and faster expansions will help you stay ahead of the game and give your customers the best experience possible. With our help, you can make sure your kitchen is always providing the best meals and service. 

All in all, it is clear that data is an essential factor for businesses to understand the needs of their customers. With the help of research and surveys, businesses can gain valuable insights and form strategies that better meet customer needs. There are several possible ways to get this data – either by hiring a research company or by becoming partners with a virtual kitchen! The only difference that data we provide – is completely free! With that data and development, restaurants can create better products and a better customer experience.