Delivering happiness through food

Achieve your full potential in the virtual restaurant industry with reduced cost, maximized marketing and state-of-the-art point of sale system technology.

why choose us?

The secret ingredient for growing your business

Open a virtual restaurant in as short as a month

Get cooking in weeks, not months. We make it easy to get virtual food brands up and running for all to enjoy

Showcase your menu to a larger audience

Get instant access to a new pool of customers. Each virtual brand will be marketed to hungry eaters who frequently order online.

A team to support you

Our Global CS Happiness team will support you on a daily basis to help optimize each brand’s delivery performance and sales growth while remaining cost-efficient for maximum success

Expand with low risk and low capital

Take a bigger slice of the pie in profits with our effective kitchen-matching and onboarding solutions that eliminates front-of-house labour and overhead

What to expect

Enjoy opportunities including 100% utilization rate of kitchen spaces, increased delivery coverage and ability to expand to new locations.


The one-stop hub for your business

Manage online delivery, sales insights and supply chain in one platform with our Smart Delivery Operating System or SDOS – an innovative system technology that connects all delivery programs in one centralized dashboard.

Who we partner with

Food Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to launch their food brand with low risk.

Local Restaurants

New restaurant operators who are looking to tap into virtual brand delivery model to expand and reach new customers.

Restaurant Chains

Established local and international chains looking for a turnkey solution to expand to new markets with faster return on investment.


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Kitchen Partner Testimonials

Crazy Burger

Crazy Burger strives to satisfy your burger desires right at home, whether it’s in front of the TV, after work, or when hanging out with friends.

House of Chicken

House of Chicken is home to the worlds most flavoursome grilled and fried chicken and succulent sides.

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