How to Elevate Your Customer’s Dining Experience with a Faster Prep Time in the Kitchen

When it comes to whipping up dishes for your customers, there’s one key ingredient that ensures their experience leaves a good taste: the timing. After all, a hungry customer who’s left to wait for their orders is like a ticking bomb, so any delays behind your kitchen’s counters can ultimately impact their satisfaction with your services.

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Tip #1

Start with a Task Checklist

Kitchens can get hectic quickly, so to nip any timing issues at their bud, it’s best to start on the right foot by creating an opening tasks checklist to lay the groundwork for the day. Long before you set up shop and open your kitchen for orders, a checklist can give your staff a solid idea of what to do as soon as they clock in: from simple things like prepping the mise en place and more.

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Tip #2

Create an Order Preparation Sequence Strategy

Not all food orders are made equally, so to maximize your staff’s time in the kitchen, it helps to prioritize certain dishes by following a preparation sequence based on the type of order and cooking time. For instance, you can focus on rustling up orders that take the longest to prepare, then use the waiting period between each dish to work on easier orders while the long-cooking dish is underway.

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Tip #3

Make the Most of Technology to Boost Your Order Turnover Rate

With transformative technologies like a Point-of-Sale system emerging left and right, restaurants and cloud kitchens alike can leverage these tools to enhance your staff’s efficiency, especially during peak hours when all hands are on deck. The Cloud’s innovative Smart  Delivery Operating System (SDOS) can centralize your online deliveries, sales insights, and supply chains, making it simpler to manage in one dashboard.

Not to mention, the more food that goes out your door, the more transactions you can make. On that note, what can you do to optimize your kitchen prep time? When a customer’s cravings strike, crafting a foolproof prep system for your kitchen can iron out the wrinkles in your staff’s efficiency and effectiveness in more ways than one.

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Tip #4: Define Your Kitchen’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

As orders start piling up, how do you stay on top of everything and make sure that your kitchen’s prep time unfolds without a cinch? Setting up an SOP in place can do wonders for facilitating easy riding service, as it establishes a workflow that helps your staff perform consistently and efficiently, no matter what order may come.

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Tip #5: Keep Your Staff’s Skills Sharp by Providing Regular Training

Crafting tantalizing dishes for your customers is always on top of mind, but part of delivering a gastronomic dining experience is to serve orders with as minimal waiting period as possible. To mitigate any high attrition in your kitchen, offering extensive training can hone your staff’s expertise and prepare them to perform speedily without coming short on quality.

Think of training as a cherry on top of your staff’s expertise. In addition to boosting your staff’s morale, regular training can put other essential factors at the forefront: be it proper cooking procedures, knife safety, and better cleaning processes.

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Tip #6The Bottom Line: The Recipe Behind an Efficient Kitchen Prep Time

A kitchen that knows how to work together can perform like clockwork, allowing you to take control of your kitchen time and take your customer’s food delivery experience to the next level. With the tips above, you can get your orders in front of your hungry customers’ doors faster and be the cream of the crop in your industry, especially in a time when online deliveries are the new go-to.