Maximize your kitchen or food brand’s full potential

Increase your revenue in 10 days and accelerate your kitchen utilization at 0 cost.

why choose us?

The secret ingredient for growing your business

Open a restaurant in one month

Get cooking in weeks, not months. We make it easy to get your own kitchen or restaurant up and running, whether you’re launching one from scratch, or expanding an established brand to a new market.

Get your cooking to a larger audience

Get instant access to an entirely new pool of customers. We market your restaurant, kitchen or brand to hungry eaters who frequently order food online.

A team to support you

Our customer success team will be supporting you on a daily basis to help optimize your delivery-only business, grow your sales while remaining cost-efficient so you can be successful in your new adventure.

Expand with low risk and low capital

You will avoid spending upfront to build out a brick and mortar restaurant. By eliminating front-of-house labour and overhead, you take home a bigger slice of the pie in profits

What to expect

Enjoy opportunities including 100% utilization rate of kitchen spaces, increased delivery coverage and ability to expand to new locations.

We’re taking virtual food brands to a whole new place

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  • Reduced cost of capital investment
  • Kitchen matching platform that connects brands with partnering kitchens
  • Increased delivery coverage and ability to expand to new locations
  • Reduced timeline for onboarding across delivery platforms
  • Ability to expand to different target markets
  • Access to highly-skilled operations team

Access all online orders through one platform

All delivery sites are integrated in our platform to ensure 100% efficiency.