Importance of Accurately Updating Order Status on the Dashboard

A food business can get too busy at any moment. When orders come flooding in from different stores, how will you keep track of everything?

If you can make processes simpler, everything goes smoother.

Update customers in real-time

With customers up-to-date, fewer queries come in. Being aware of their order’s status relieves them from wondering about the time of preparation and arrival.

No more unnecessary calls on delay and status update because all they need to know about their order is on their screens. If there’s a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, customers are instantly updated.

Enhance staff efficiency

And with fewer queries, there’s more effort put into the kitchen. The staff can now focus more on their work because customers have set expectations. Digitizing the orders cuts down the time and effort of receiving calls, jotting down orders manually, and contacting couriers. Order queues are automated so the staff can efficiently plan the sequence of orders and the tasks at hand.  

Learn insights on your kitchen operations

By being accurate in your operations dashboard, you earn new insights on your business. You learn about peak hours, team performance, sales, and more. As a result, you can manage orders efficiently and avoid errors based on your insights. 

The Cloud has a Smart Delivery Operating System (SDOS) that centralizes online deliveries, sales insights, and supply chains, making it simpler to manage in one dashboard. Through this innovative system, you can collectively see all orders from your various brands and establishments across different delivery platforms.  

You need to be able to manage all orders and issues efficiently. Fulfilling the customer experience and keeping track of your business are essential. To make it both work, you need a centralized dashboard system to streamline your business processes.  It’s a great experience that enhances customer satisfaction because they can patiently wait and expect a timely manner for their order to come. 

Nowadays, transformative technology made processes easier for both ends of the customers and of restaurants and cloud kitchens. By digitizing orders, both parties can accurately update order status and give everyone visibility. This breakthrough has helped kitchens efficiently plan their systems and relieve customers from unnecessary calls to the kitchen.